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Tom of Finland & Leather

In Tom of Finland’s art, gay sexuality is shown in an affirmative, unapologetic manner even though it was created in a time well before homosexuality was accepted by mainstream culture. His pioneering work did this by presenting hyper-masculine men in homoerotic scenes. Tom took objects that had signified straight, masculine culture (such as military uniforms, lumberjack clothing, and leather biker outfits) and re-appropriated and re-claimed them in his work as a way of liberating gay men and creating a space for them to be sexual, confident beings. Throughout his drawings, leather in particular appears again and again. His hunky men are often depicted in the gear of motorcyclists - leather jackets, boots, pants, and caps. Almost single-handedly, Tom is responsible...

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Tom of Finland often made Christmas cards for his clients each year. With these, he stayed true to his aesthetic, as well as his vision of the masculine ideal. Certainly, you’re not going to find a plump, older Santa in Tom’s work. Yes, it may be the holidays, but this is still the art of Tom of Finland after all. The men he depicted in Santa attire have the same attributes as the rest of his men - they’re muscular, iconic men, sure of their sexuality and proud of their bodies. The first known holiday card he created was in 1959 and he continued to make holiday sketches throughout his lifetime.  Oftentimes holiday-themed works tend to look the same, using...

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The seven hunky men that make up our “Fellows” print are actually from four different works by Tom of Finland and span the length of a decade, from 1977 to 1987, a period when Tom of Finland’s skill in rendering the male form was unparalleled. In these drawings we see Tom’s vision of the ideal man, a vision that has helped to inform current conceptions of male beauty. Tom’s men are all broad-shouldered hunks with big pecs and well-defined abs. Another distinguishing feature of Tom’s men is that they are usually uniformed, as is the case with most of the men in “Fellows.” The print design features aviators and sailors, as well as a biker and his slave. Tom’s fascination...

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Ready Man

In the art of Tom of Finland, one thing that you’ll rarely (if ever) see is any sign of insecurity. Rather, the men portrayed by him exude total confidence in their bodies and sexuality. Considering that he created these works during a time when homosexuality was still marginalized by most of the mainstream, the confidence his men exhibited was a radical and defiant act of pride. In the latest products from the Tom of Finland by Finlayson line, this assuredness and pride is on full display. The Ready Man pattern features a uniformed man sitting with legs spread open invitingly and with shirt proudly unbuttoned to reveal that muscular chest distinctive to Tom’s men.   This particular drawing was created...

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Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are just around the corner, so we’ve put together the perfect gift guide for everyone on your list. Whether it’s for that family member who loves to cook, that friend of yours who loves a unique, smart gift, or for that interior design fan, we’ve got something for everyone.A word of caution though: when they rip open these presents, they might just rip off other things also. Tom of Finland’s iconic hunks can sometimes have that effect on people.For the person who loves to cook:Our oven mitts, potholders, and aprons featuring Tom’s hot men make great gifts. No matter how good a cook someone is, every cook can use a few extra helping hands in the kitchen, and...

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