The Finlayson flagship store has gone Tom!

On a recent Friday morning before the sun came up, a small but devoted special ops team arrived in silence at our flagship store, armed with a set of posters, officer’s caps, handcuffs, and a few even more unusual items. They got to work quickly and efficiently, as they’re trained to do. In this case, they were redecorating the display windows and rearranging the interior.

Within a few hours the space was transformed: Tom of Finland had taken over the Finlayson Flagship Store. The display window was truly eye-catching and the Tom of Finland products within looked absolutely fabulous.

The Finlayson flagship store has gone Tom! Wouldn't you love to see these illustrations on future products? 

We opened the store as normal and waited eagerly for the first customers. Would they be surprised? Well, word got out, and the trickle of new customers became a flood - and yes, they were truly excited about the products. Opening Friday was a success and many items sold out before the end of the day. We apologize for the fact that some of the products are temporarily out of stock; demand has been very high. We also want to thank you for your patience; new items will be arriving at the store soon!

Voice of Tom of Finland has been printed on the store window. People passing by will learn that his most important message was tolerance.

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