Cooking at TOM House

There are few things hotter than the drawings of Tom of Finland. His pioneering work blazed a trail that generations of gay men are still following in. He unabashedly celebrated the male form and gay sexuality, doing so in times when it was still very taboo.

Now, those same iconic works of art are heating up things in other ways. Finlayson has created a line of kitchen products that feature Tom’s men. Pictured here are some real-life leather daddies who look as if they could have stepped right out of one of Tom’s drawings. They are using our oven mitts and potholders to help them cook in the kitchen at TOM House, home to Tom of Finland Foundation and where the artist lived and worked for the last and most prolific decade of his life.

It’s hard to get much closer to the world of Tom of Finland then this scene: men dressed as Tom’s men in Tom’s kitchen using our Tom of Finland kitchen products.